People begin therapy for many reasons. Some need to respond to unexpected changes in their lives, relationship problems, depression or anxiety, while others seek self exploration and personal growth. I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process in which we work together to make sense of the concerns that have brought you in, and work towards mutually established goals. Those goals could include reducing anxiety or depression, finding clarity around a difficult situation or relationship, or gaining confidence and self esteem.

This process can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. My approach is to collaboratively work with you in this effort in a caring, gentle and compassionate way. While I provide the setting and facilitate the process, the pace is always set by you.

As you may know, one of the most critical components for success in therapy is a good fit with your therapist. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable. If you have questions or are interested in talking with me, I encourage you to make an appointment to come in. I would be happy to meet with you.

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